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In our commitment to eliminating plastic waste and keeping our environment clean, we have reinvented the packaging industry. Join us in the shift toward a sustainable future.

What is e•qui•b Recycled Content?

Recycled content-based packaging is here to stay, and our Plastic Film Waste Recycled line is here to invoke change. Our innovative technology repurposes plastic materials, creating an extensive line of flexible package options containing recycled content – one package at a time!

To reduce plastic pollution in our ecosystem, e•qui•b Recycled Content makes resin by taking used and unwanted materials and transforming them into new products, repurposing plastic waste and giving it a whole new life.

How does it work?

With e•qui•b Recycled Content we have brought groundbreaking technology to the packaging industry by enhancing the recycling process.

By transforming unwanted materials from material recovery facilities, stores, delivery centers, and industrial waste into new products, e•qui•b Recycled Content creates a new upcycled value chain for flexible packaging material solutions.

e•qui•b Recycled Content uses an advanced physical purification process, bringing plastic’s life full circle – from the product, to waste, to the product once again. Our new line creates a new upcycled value chain for advanced recycling and flexible packaging material that is ready for your business and all your needs.

Why use e•qui•b recycled content?

Plastic waste is everywhere – our oceans, rivers, and landfills are polluted with unwanted single-use plastics. Our ecosystem can no longer withstand plastic pollution and savvy customers are demanding change. Eco-friendly packaging is the way of the future, and we’re here to lead the way.

e•qui•b Recycled Content is here to help you save the planet. Our innovation in flexible packaging is great for your company’s sustainability mission by reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions associated with your package lifecycle, while also generating tangible social benefits. Mitsui Plastics is making a fundamental change in the packaging industry. Watch our video to see how e•qui•b Recycled Content can help the planet and your business.

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There is no question that plastic waste is causing a threat to our environment. Our innovative line of flexible packaging, e•qui•b Recycled Content, helps eliminate unwanted and discarded plastic waste through our advanced physical purification process. Join us in moving toward a more sustainable future!

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